Arrival & Dismissal

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures 2022-2023


  • On good weather days, students may arrive at 8:15, and doors open at 8:25.
  • On bad weather days, the doors open at 8:15, instead of 8:25. The earlier entrance time is meant to support the flow of traffic and not cause traffic congestion.
  • Kindergarten & 2nd grade students will line up in front of the school at Door 1.
  • Grades 1, 3, 4, & 5 will line up on the black top by Door 4.
  • At dismissal, grade level teachers are dividing students up by car riders, bussers, & walkers. This is done for supervision purposes.
  • All bussers will exit Door 1
  • All car riders and walkers will exit Door 4
  • Families with siblings should arrange any meeting points outside of Door 4.
  • Families should  the car pick up lane closest to the buildings (next to the basketball court) to pick up their students.  Starting 1/5/2023, the island pick up zone will no longer be used.
Updated Parking & Traffic Patterns  
These are slight changes from the last two school years. The changes are reverting to pre-Covid times. To handle an expected influx of traffic on our grounds, we have updated the parking and traffic patterns at Waterbury.
  • Please use the zipper method to turn into the school drop off/pick up zones.
  • Starting 1/5/2023:  All students should be dropped off and picked up at the drive through pick up zone nearest the building (next to the basketball court).  The island pick-up lanes will no longer be used.
  • During arrival and dismissal, you may only turn right to exit the school grounds.
  • To cross Rodenburg Road, Dover Drive, or any other street when coming to or leaving, please use one of the crosswalk zones.
  • Students should always enter or exit a vehicle on the side of the side walk. Please do not have a child open a door on the side of on coming traffic.
  • Please remain patient. We average over 100 cars in our lot, and average 10 minutes before every child is picked up.
  • Please stay off electronic devices. This is for your safety as well as others.
  • The circle drive in front of the school is for busses only during arrival and dismissal.
  • Pets are not allowed on school grounds. Please keep your pets at home when coming for arrival or dismissal.
  • The school playground is closed every morning. And after school the playground is closed, unless a student has a parent/guardian to supervise.