School Traffic and Safety

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures - 2021-2022

The drop off/pick up line should be a place where your child(ren) can quickly enter or exit the car.

  • The child should always exit the vehicle on the passenger side as that side of your vehicle is next to the sidewalk.
  • If you have a car seat for a baby on the passenger side that prevents your child from entering on the passenger side, please park and walk up to the school.
  • Please use the zipper method to enter the school grounds.
  • If you park, please allow us to move the car traffic through. In winter and spring, there is always inclement weather. When you are parked, your car can be on with the heat. Please allow us to get all children into their cars and enjoy the warmth of their cars. By staying parked, we can move more cars through the line and back into the street.
  • To keep the flow of traffic moving, you may only turn north (right) on Rodenburg Road.